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Hospital-based Phase I unit

Our Hospital-based Phase I unit in Porto, Portugal is managed by a highly experienced, medically trained team. The site provides an ideal setting to quickly and safely establish your product’s safety, dose range, or bioequivalence/bioavailability.

Our unit holds almost 80 beds and benefits from the logistical services and emergency support of the hospital. This allows us to efficiently support a diverse range of clinical study types whilst also providing a comfortable environment for trial participants.

Several regulatory authorities and many sponsors have audited our premises, all of which have provided positive audit reports and excellent reviews. (incl. US FDA, EMA)

For more details, please visit our Phase I unit website

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Other services

  • Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics

    Your new drug’s absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion by the 
human body will be assessed by a highly-trained and experienced team

  • Clinical Development & Scientific Advice

    Ranging from first in human to post-marketing, Astrum’s clinical development expertise spans the entire development cycle, 
offering support every step of the way

  • Quality Management

    Our Quality Management System represents an unwavering commitment to excellence within the pharmaceutical, 
biotechnology, and clinical research sectors