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25 years of combined clinical excellence

Our Pan-European team of more than 300 employees, offers a wide range of skills from dynamic, highly-trained professionals across our offices in France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and beyond.

Our history

Astrum combines the experience and resources of four established European Contract Research Organisations. The timeline below outlines how our newly unified CRO came to be. Click on each year to learn more.



Pharmalog founded

The Astrum journey began in 1983 with the founding of Pharmalog by Dr R. Eberhardt. Based in Ismaning, Germany, Pharmalog has extensive experience in non-interventional studies in the field of medical devices, pharmaceutical products, ATMPs, and biologics.

Meet our team

Experts from across the clinical trial process, our team is prepared to tackle 
any challenge.

  • Xavier Nuñez

    Xavier Nuñez

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Ethel Vissers

    Ethel Vissers

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Carlos Faro

    Carlos Faro

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Agnieszka Zmuda-Delezuch

    Agnieszka Zmuda-Delezuch

    Head of Global Quality Management

  • Fabrice Beauchêne

    Fabrice Beauchêne

    Managing Director (France)

  • Jordi Cantoni

    Jordi Cantoni

    Managing Director (Spain)

  • Cristina Lopes

    Cristina Lopes

    Managing Director (Portugal)

  • Jens Milde

    Jens Milde

    Managing Director (Germany)

Astrum is supported by Henko Partners, an independent private equity fund focused on developing outstanding companies in markets with long-term growth trends. Henko Partners collaborates with top entrepreneurs and management teams to develop successful businesses. They’re a responsible investor committed to strict environmental, social, and governance principles.


“As entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we support companies to accelerate their growth and transform into more resilient and sustainable businesses. We are helping Astrum grow into a solid mid-sized clinical development partner, whilst keeping its agility and closeness to its loyal client base.”

Lars Becker · Partner, HENKO

How can we help you?

Contact our expert team to discover how Astrum can bring value to your clinical development projects.